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    About Us

    About Us :

    J.R. is a family run business founded by our late father (Mr. H.G.Sudharshan) during the 80’s.Since then we have come long way from a small retail showroom to a competitive silk saree manufacturer. Our passion to the design and craft work of kancheepuram sarees has taken us to the place where we are today. Our key success factor is our saree quality. It takes 15 to 20 days to manufacture a silk saree and a decade to become an expert. With much latest power loom machinery’s and low quality jari’s available in the market we still adhere to the traditional handloom weaving with higher jari quality in our sarees. The methodology may be traditional but our sarees are in trend and comes with a designer tag. Our customers have always been our source of motivation. We have decade old customers who honor and trust our motto on quality. Visit us today and you can experience the design and quality of kancheepuram silk sarees that we so much emphasize upon. We are not just a retail shop, we are family. Our relation with our customers is never ending. 

    “No Matter how much coffee you pour the cream always comes to the top”.