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    Return Policy

    Return Policy :

    For Domestic Orders Only (Within India) :

    Please note that Customers can only be provided with a store credit for returned products which can be used in their next purchase. We do not have a cash refund policy and no cash refund requests would be entertained. We request you to follow the due procedure mentioned below to have a smooth transaction. We try our best to help you have a better shopping experience.

    Steps to Follow :

    • Customers are requested to submit a return request on our website within 24 hours of product delivery.  

    • After acknowledgment of the reason for return by J.R.Silks, a return pickup will be arranged based on the approval of the return request.

    • J.R.Silks uses third party services for return pickups and hence the customer is responsible for return of the product in the same condition as it was shipped to them.

    • Upon safe arrival of our product at our store, A Store Credit will be Issued to the customer via Email within 3 working days from the date of safe return of the product.

    • A processing/Transit fee of Rs.150 would be deducted per product in the Store credit issued. Please read below the terms of using a store credit.

    • J.R.Silks reserves all the right to decide to accept or reject return requests based on the validity of the request made.


    Terms & Conditions to use Store Credit : 

    • A credit note will be mailed to the customer after completion of the return process. 

    • This Credit Note is valid for one transaction only and can not be transferred to any other form or be used in more than one transaction.

    • Customers can & must claim the entire amount of credit during their purchase. No part usage of the credit amount is allowed. 

    • If the product value purchased is less than the credit amount available,the customer would lose the balance credit amount. 

    • The Store Credit will be valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. No Extension would be provided on non usage of the credit amount. 

    • The store credit can not be remitted for cash and can only be used in purchasing another product from our website

    • The customer is fully responsible to keep the Store Credit code safe. Any misuse of  the code will lead to loss of the credit amount the customer is entitled to. 

    • Any Missing or loss of code requests will not be entertained. It is Customers sole responsibility to keep there credit note safe.